Thursday, May 31, 2012

Hail the mighty Instagram!

Ok, I bit.  Instagram is fun! This same thing happened when Harry Potter first came out.  There I was, reading something by Steven Kellogg, and these kids are all raging about some wizard.  It took me a little longer to get on the platform of 9 3/4, but I was hooked. And the same thing happened with instagram.

Today, I ate a feast. AKA: cleanoutyourfridgeyoubigdummy.  I LOVE that we have been eating fresh veggies and fresh well, everything.  Unfortunately, with the hubs outta state being all manly and husky firefighter, the eats are slowly evaporating out of my fridge. And I imagine when we move, the landlady will appreciate a lack of moldy cauliflower hanging out in my crisper.

So here with my virgin voyage into the instagram, I give you the beginnings of my feast! (not all, because I got distracted with EATING it.)

Some shrooms I cooked in bacon fat and aged balsamic vinegar

organic red and green butter lettuce from our farmers market! drizzled with lemon and avocado oil

Some yummy strawberries I got from a friend. I ate a lot of them on the way home

So that's that, for today! I'm trying to decide if I feel like packing.  Although the mountain of boxes on my couch make it a little difficult to enjoy Gilmore Girls. Ahh Gilmore Girls.

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