Friday, December 7, 2012

Le Creuset, anyone?


I love love love this guy's blog.  It's real, it's funny and it's full of amazing recipes. I'll post more when I've got an opportunity, maybe later tonight. I'm back on the wagon, folks!


Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Mourning for...ourselves (A change arises)

For God did not give us a Spirit of fear but of power and love and self-control. http://bible.us/2Tim1.7.NET

So hubby and I have jumped the ship of "comfort and sweat pants" and joined the rocky waters of Cross Fit Maximus, here in Lexington.  We have completed nearly 2 weeks worth of their Academy and OMG> I must be a masochist to go back and back again and again.  I still feel really anxious about those every other day 400 meter runs.  Why? You may ask yourself, "If you have been working out and eating healthy, one lap around the track can't be that bad" YOU ARE WRONG. I can lift heavy things and... well, that's about it.  I spent so much time on that, that the cardio part fell by the wayside.  I know, I know.  The core strengthening is so much more important, but when you get winded just jogging *read: slowly* 400 meters, you could definitely do worse than to keep doing it.  

Basically, today's post is about accepting your severe, human flaws.  A couple of things inspired this, but I have been dwelling on this idea for a while now, and have overcome my blogging laziness to actually bring it to light.  There's this gentleman who is probably in his mid 60's who has dared to join Cross Fit Maximus.  I KNOW! Isn't that awesome?! The group there, is filled with older teens, all the way to the ones who get a senior citizen discount at Dennys.  No, I'm not judging that last bit, I'm jealous.  I want a discount!

Anyway, you can tell this guy wants to change.  You can tell that he wants to be better, and that he's not kidding himself with ideas of grandeur of doing several dead hang pull ups and then deadlifting 300 pounds just as a warm up.  This guy is out of shape. Just like everyone else that is in Academy. Well, admittedly there are a couple of guys and gals that make me wonder why I even dare coming in there, (and secretly hate that they can sport those tight CUTE workout outfits, while I'm wearing a grungy loose t-shirt and yoga pants).  But the great part about this, is that truly, honestly, no one comes in there to judge others.  Not to sound like I don't care about how everyone else is feeling, but I didn't fork over my hard earned money, just so I could go into a gym and act like I'm the coolest one in the room because I joined the Cross Fit mania.  We all want to improve, be functional, and not be in a wheel chair by the time we retire.  This guys keeps shaking his head, looking like the weight of the world is on his shoulders, instead of a barbell.  He keeps mumbling that he's so embarrassed to be here, that we are all better than he is, and how he can't believe how out of shape he is.  This guy is incredible for even attempting this gym.  He could just go walk for miles and miles or use those ridiculous gym machines and call it a day.  But he doesn't! He keeps coming back.  So even though he feels ashamed, there is a reason he keeps trying.  That is the beautiful human condition, my friends.  What keeps us trying is our innate need to function as the beautiful creations that we are.

This is not a "Cross Fit RULES!" mania monologue, (although the alliteration is pretty awesome) but rather, accepting that we are flawed.  Our bodies LOVE comfort and we will tell ourselves every excuse in the world why watching re runs of "Ridiculousness" is more fun than getting your ass kicked for a few minutes and coming home feeling like you did better than last time.  

We are not immortal.  We are not the exception to the rule.  When we see what others are doing and go "Oh that's nice, they're working hard to make their lives better.  Now where's my remote?" That is an EPIC FAIL, people.  Not trying, is failure.  So basically, we are in mourning for how our bodies actually are, and how we have seen them this whole time.  We are mourning the fact that we aren't as good, or our excuses have been just that, and nothing more than to simply hinder our intense wishes to be better and keep doing it.

So, when you mourn something or someone, (YOU sillyhead) ask yourself, would you keep those habits going, the ones that got you to this point of the fork in  the road and keep feeling sorry for yourself, always wishing, never doing? Or are you going to suck it up, try a little at a time, til that feeling catches.  

You know what feeling I'm talking about.  That moment when you just WANT to do something good for yourself.  When you don't have to drag yourself outta bed or off the couch because you are actually EXCITED for yourself, that you are trying and you actually *gasp!* LIKE IT?!  This moment is not brought to the few, the special, and specifically talented person.  You get to have this!! It's hard to make it go away when it does catch.  It's a spark, a light, an ignition for your life.  Regardless of the fact that in the beginning, your body lies to you to stay parked in your living room, it actually starts liking the fact that you don't feel so tired and run down all the time.  It likes the fact that eating whole, unprocessed food, doesn't making your head hurt, your stomach cramp, or those really weird "muscle spasms" or "aches and pains" which mysteriously go away.  What is this? Change? Radical awesomeness? That's right.  You are now epically awesome. (I don't care that "epically" is not a word.  It totally needs to be." 

So there you have it.  That time will come for you.  Until it does, you won't change, no matter what words you use, what lies you say, and how many gym memberships you buy.  Until you accept that you are at this low low point in your life, and you simply can't stand to be there any longer, will you actually change and wonder why you didn't do this a long long time ago.  Don't waste your life.  Your body is a temple; treat it as such!

That is all.

Thursday, May 31, 2012

Hail the mighty Instagram!

Ok, I bit.  Instagram is fun! This same thing happened when Harry Potter first came out.  There I was, reading something by Steven Kellogg, and these kids are all raging about some wizard.  It took me a little longer to get on the platform of 9 3/4, but I was hooked. And the same thing happened with instagram.

Today, I ate a feast. AKA: cleanoutyourfridgeyoubigdummy.  I LOVE that we have been eating fresh veggies and fresh well, everything.  Unfortunately, with the hubs outta state being all manly and husky firefighter, the eats are slowly evaporating out of my fridge. And I imagine when we move, the landlady will appreciate a lack of moldy cauliflower hanging out in my crisper.

So here with my virgin voyage into the instagram, I give you the beginnings of my feast! (not all, because I got distracted with EATING it.)

Some shrooms I cooked in bacon fat and aged balsamic vinegar

organic red and green butter lettuce from our farmers market! drizzled with lemon and avocado oil

Some yummy strawberries I got from a friend. I ate a lot of them on the way home

So that's that, for today! I'm trying to decide if I feel like packing.  Although the mountain of boxes on my couch make it a little difficult to enjoy Gilmore Girls. Ahh Gilmore Girls.

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

So friggin' excited!!!

Alrighty. I haven't posted for a MONTH.  Yes. I'm lazy. And I do realize that pretty much every blog (all 6!) has contained some sort of rendition to how lazy I am.  My Achilles heel, peeps.  But, I'm so excited I just had to post something real quick before I land on my feet for eight hours of cooking, "babysitting young miscreants of culinary" and soaking myself in dishes at work.  

I'm moving! Caveman paramedic got a job in KY and he is down there, RIGHT NOW, getting all bulked up with some sweaty firemen and pioneering our journey down south.  

Confession: For memorial day, I had.... a slice of strawberry rhubarb pie. *GASP*. I really wasn't going to. But when it came out, it was not store bought, no pre-made crust, and it bubbled over with gooey, makeyouthinkofasunrise rhubarb juicy-ness and was INCREDIBLE.  Plus, the actual person who created this amazingness, was sitting just a couple of lawn chairs from me.  This is legit, people.  This was worth my tummy ache the next morning. I wish I had taken a picture.  I need to jump on the instagram bandwagon. Laziness ensues, but foodie passion shall prevail! Soon.  Soon.

It's been about a week since I have actually read any of what Nomnompaleo would call "food porn" and I have been feeling it.  When I am in the Paleo community, I feel pumped, energized, and inspired.  When my alter ego "lazygirl" rears her head, it takes a couple of days to "wake up" essentially and get back to what I'm passionate about.

You should see my facebook and Pinterest account.  I'm pretty sure I've lost a lot of "regulars" since nearly every post is about exercise, Paleo food, etc... But that's ok! I'm in an underground movement, I've lost 35 pounds THIS YEAR ALONE and am so excited to move forward!


Saturday, April 28, 2012

Whole30 Day 28

This morning got us up nice and early; I've got a string of early shifts since one of our chefs is on maternity leave and with graduations and communions, it is getting busy very quickly.  For breakfast, Caveman Medic started a beautiful fluffy omelet filled with arugula, pastured local eggs, and green onion from the Westside Market located in Cleveland.  We make it a point to purchase the bulk of our produce/proteins from there and also the North Union Farmer's Market located in Crocker Park, Westlake. Today at the North Union market, while I was working, the hubs picked up some organic japanese mustard greens, organic swiss chard, pastured ground pork and beef, Tea Hills Farm chicken patties, and as a surprise, some yummy grassfed skirt steak! YUM. That steak is just calling for a juicy marinade and some grill marks.

While I was running around the kitchen at work, I snacked on some leftover Sheppard's Pie we had made the previous night.  We purchased these delightful glass leak proof containers from Marshalls, but you can find them here if you'd rather not sift through the aisles. Our Marshalls does tend to get a bit distracting with the abundance of deals and someone like me, who has ADD does tend to have difficulty keeping track of what she's looking for.....

When we got home, we snacked on some hard boiled eggs I had cooked up earlier this week, and with a dash of salt and fresh cracked pepper, they were in our mouths and soon our tummies felt happy.  I have found the best way to cook eggs (I know I know, everyone has their own PERFECT way.)  I outfit my colander over an inch of water in my "then" pasta pot, put the lid on top of the colander, and steam the little eggs for 13 minutes. Then I plunge them in a bowl of salted ice water until they are cool enough to handle.  The salt brings the temperature of the water even further down, and adds a teensy bit more flavor to the white.  After Whole30 is finished, I will slather these with chipotle tabasco sauce. YUM!

Caveman medic was sweet enough to cook dinner for us tonight, and we *he* did a simple dish of sauteed mustard greens and spinach, with shallots, garlic, and a sprinkle of balsamic vinegar.  

He seasoned some wild salmon with smoked paprika, salt and pepper and seared them in some coconut oil

Here is what we ate for dinner:

I also made some zesty lemon mayonnaise to go on top of it.  Here is the recipe I use:

1 pastured large egg, room temp
1 whole lemon, juiced
2 tsp. ground mustard
a sprinkle of salt
a dash of garlic powder
fresh ground black pepper
1 cup of olive oil OR avocado oil, OR macadamia nut oil.

In a food processor, mix the egg along with the mustard, lemon juice and seasoning til the mixture looks light and frothy.  Then SLOWLY drizzle in the oil of your choosing until a beautiful thick emulsion forms.  Next time I make mayonnaise, I shall take pictures for your enjoyment.  If you don't have time to let your eggs come to room temp, you can safely warm the egg in a bowl of warm water, for about 10 minutes.  I also don't like using EVOO for mayonnaise, as this sometimes is too strong for what I'd like to put it with.  Regular or light olive oil works very well for a clean, undisturbed palate.  You can dress it up any way you'd like, but I love lemony mayonnaise on so many things!

Two more days until the Whole30 is up! Then it's time for BACON. nom nom nom.

Friday, April 27, 2012

Whole30 Day 27 Time flies when you're eating Sheppard's pie

Well, next Whole30 I will blog daily with tons of super cute pictures and quippy phrases that will just draw you all in.  This one, albeit sporatic and stretched in length is still going strong, I haven't broken any of the Whole9 commandments and the cravings haven't been too bad.  I was bored today for a little bit on my day off; thus craving some snacks and secretly wishing I could just chomp on some pringles or doritos, blissfully unaware that I was embalming my organs under the sneaky delicious pseudo pizza pringle flavor. WOW. But, I toasted some walnuts/almonds and sunflowers in the oven and the hubs and I walked to our local coffee bar where I sipped on iced mint tea, and he nursed some decaf coffee.  We have both decided to forgo the caffeine after noon, so as to help with our sleeping habits.  I attempted to stay up last night for the draft (being the supportive wife) and made it a whole THREE rounds picks. I was given credit for trying, so it's ok ;)

We came back home for some leftover paleo sheppard's pie and just enjoying being home, with nothing to do. Of course, there are things to do; dishes, laundry, vacuum, etc... But today is our day to just BE. It feels pretty good.

Exercise wise, I'm at a new PR: squats 175# x 8 x 3 and 300 jump ropes 6 x 50. My calves feel so tight but I'm excited for May 1st to weigh and measure myself.  I will also enjoy not cooking every single meal and the occasional artisan ice cream treat that is just minutes away from our apartment.  It feels so nice being in such an accessible area. Hopefully we can always find places like this to call home. 

More cutesy foodie pics coming tomorrow :) meanwhile, check out fastpaleo for all kinds of yummy user-created recipes, also where we got our "gourmet sheppard's pie". 

Does anyone have their "go to" paleo recipes? Any that you need to have at least once a week? Let me know!

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Whole30 Day 11

Happy Wednesday everyone!!

I took a paid day off today (!!!) to spend more time with my Caveman Medic.  For breakfast, we snacked on some simple seared scallops (I was feeling lazy) and had an egg scrambler filled with southern greens, pastured eggs, green onion and shredded beef leftover from my bone broth.  We headed over to a fancy shmancy town to turn in Caveman Medic's firefighter application and scored some AMAZING deals at Goodwill.  Going to Goodwills in nicer towns lands you some really great merchandise and we purchased 6 articles of clothing for only $25.  It was later until we got home and we were FAMISHED so I threw together some "Princely Tuna Salad" with slices of Persian Cucumbers.  These cute little cukes are SUPER crunchy, sweet and seedless! 

While the hubs was busy snacking, I sliced some venison backstraps one of his co-workers sent over and salt/peppered it, and rubbed it with some dijon mustard. 

 I seared a piping hot skillet with ghee, and after a beautiful carmelization  was achieved, I let the meat rest on a plate while I added sliced shiitake mushrooms, Trader Joe's pre cut garlic, shallots and onion, and deglazed the pan with some red wine vinegar, beef bone broth, dijon mustard and MORE GHEE! I let it reduce a bit to thicken and ladled the delicious creamy goodness onto the rested meat. 

Folks, those of you who are already sheepish over cooking their meat rare or medium rare for fear of getting "mad deer disease" or something, take note that this meat is so lean that it will taste like sawdust and rubber that you find in the back of your minivan three months from now. DO NOT OVERCOOK.  115-120 degrees Fahrenheit is perfect, as there will be a carry-over temperature of about 8-10 degrees.  If you know where your meat comes from and is a reputable source, you have little to worry over contracting those rogue animalistic diseases that leave you wide eyed at night after a trip to Longhorn Steakhouse. 
Did I mention how AMAZING this dish tasted? I wish I could take the credit for these tasty morsels, but alas, I thumbed my way through "Paleo Comfort Foods" and am so happy with how delicious this is! You can substitute the venison for beef or bison or red meaty animal. It may even be good on chicken. (Everything goes good with chicken).

Yesterday, Caveman Medic and myself joined his sister at our local college rec center and grabbed fistfuls of iron and lifted heavy things.  I really like deadlifting with smaller metal plates rather than the larger bounce plates.  Plus, I figure for my short stature, I'm probably cheating a bit thinking that if I lift 175# with bounce plates, it isn't harder than lifting 145# with smaller metal plates. BELIEVE ME> It's definitely winding to lift the smaller metal plates, even if I didn't improve on my PR. After we owned our deadlifts, 8x3, we mosied over to the empty room and shoveled out some medicine ball slams.  I THINK I did 100 with a 15# but I took like 5 breaks and they were less than robust after I hit the last 10.  I was planning on doing some lunges but after the medicine ball slams, I was winded. I'm going to go solo tomorrow and though I'm not sure which workouts to do, I'm sure I'm going to feel it for the next couple of days. 

P.S- After reading today's post on Mark's Daily Apple, I feel better equipped to begin tackling the mighty pull up bar. RAWR! 

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Whole30 Day 8

Happy Easter, all!

Today I hung out with my sister in law and we chowed down on some delish items.  I fell asleep last night around 9:30 (yes I know I'm old despite my spry 26 years on this earth) but woke up around 7:45, which gave me enough time to head to the early service at church.  The hubs works til 7pm tonight so I flew solo. Even though I should have had plenty of time to have a nice breakfast, I procrastinated and chowed down on some TJ's smoked sardines and sipped a cold french pressed coffee with coconut cream on my way to church.

When I got home, I threw the steaks on the counter to warm up, and per Nom Nom's instructions I liberally salted my steaks with himalayan pink salt and fresh cracked pepper and let them hang out for about an hour.
Does it look a tad dry to you? ME TOO! That's exactly how I want it.  The drier the surface of the steaks, the better sear and crust it will develop.  When my hubs gets home, he's going to throw these on the grill and we will have grilled brussels sprouts as a lovely side. Since I've been eating strawberries all day I'll forgo the dessert.  Maybe I'll have a spot of TJ's mint melange tea as a Whole30 approved appertif. 

Side note: I promise with more practice I'll become more adept at this charming blog. Stay with me, folks!

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Whole30 Day 5

Clearly I'm not on board with the consistent blogging I was hoping for, but give me a break cus I'm new to this "I want everyone to read my innermost foodie thoughts" ...and I kinda hacked off my little pinky a couple of days ago and it is not easy typing the far right end of my keyboard with a bandaged finger.

For breakfast this morning, I drank up some yummy beefy bone broth in a mug,

For lunch, after I was done cooking lunch for everyone else, I had some kale and carrots sauteed in garlic, shallots, pastured ghee and sprinkled with some salt and pepper and poached dover sole with lemon juice and salt and white pepper. YUMMY and so simple!

For dinner, the hubs and I grilled up some grass fed rib eye steaks

Nuked some broccoli and sauteed up some shallots, garlic and portabello mushrooms in pastured ghee and balsamic vinegar

Swigged it down with some deliciously cold water and topped it off with some juicy sweet cantaloupe

I LOVE Whole30!! (and steak. yum yum yum)

Workout tomorrow with the hubs :)

Saturday, March 24, 2012

My Whole 30 Journey... take 2

My hubby and I have dived into the Paleo/Primal lifestyle.  Lately my free time has been spent pouring over Whole9life, nomnompaleo, Mark's Daily Apple, Robb Wolf, among various other blogs.  Obsessive, you say? Perhaps. That's how I am, though.  While many twenty-somethings balance their lives in the happy medium of obsession and stagnant lifestyles, I'm either one or the other.  Frankly, I choose the obsessive since I've never been one for following rules to the "t" if I don't fully commit to the whole "thing".  This way of "whole30" is so restrictive, makes it hard for my bendy brain to find the loopholes and makes it easier to follow.  See? I told you I'm a bit contradictory. Maybe if anyone decides to follow this humble blog of "just another paleo girl", my ramblings on nutrition, food, and love for bacon and chocolate will start to make sense. It may take a while, but I promise it will make sense...eventually.

April 1st, will mark my second whole30 beginning.  My husband, sister in law, and some of her friends have decided to walk next to me on this and I'm excited to see where our progress is marked the most.  Will it be weight loss? Body composition? Energy levels? A loss of Hashimoto's Thyroiditis antibody markers? (READ: me) We shall see.  I'm putting aside my obsession with the scale, the tape, and siding my progress alongside EVERYONE ELSE and ready to fully commit to just recognizing when my body is happy.

Revolutionary, huh?  See how I snuck the name of my blog into the end of my inaugural post? I'm snarky like that.  Learn to love.