Friday, April 27, 2012

Whole30 Day 27 Time flies when you're eating Sheppard's pie

Well, next Whole30 I will blog daily with tons of super cute pictures and quippy phrases that will just draw you all in.  This one, albeit sporatic and stretched in length is still going strong, I haven't broken any of the Whole9 commandments and the cravings haven't been too bad.  I was bored today for a little bit on my day off; thus craving some snacks and secretly wishing I could just chomp on some pringles or doritos, blissfully unaware that I was embalming my organs under the sneaky delicious pseudo pizza pringle flavor. WOW. But, I toasted some walnuts/almonds and sunflowers in the oven and the hubs and I walked to our local coffee bar where I sipped on iced mint tea, and he nursed some decaf coffee.  We have both decided to forgo the caffeine after noon, so as to help with our sleeping habits.  I attempted to stay up last night for the draft (being the supportive wife) and made it a whole THREE rounds picks. I was given credit for trying, so it's ok ;)

We came back home for some leftover paleo sheppard's pie and just enjoying being home, with nothing to do. Of course, there are things to do; dishes, laundry, vacuum, etc... But today is our day to just BE. It feels pretty good.

Exercise wise, I'm at a new PR: squats 175# x 8 x 3 and 300 jump ropes 6 x 50. My calves feel so tight but I'm excited for May 1st to weigh and measure myself.  I will also enjoy not cooking every single meal and the occasional artisan ice cream treat that is just minutes away from our apartment.  It feels so nice being in such an accessible area. Hopefully we can always find places like this to call home. 

More cutesy foodie pics coming tomorrow :) meanwhile, check out fastpaleo for all kinds of yummy user-created recipes, also where we got our "gourmet sheppard's pie". 

Does anyone have their "go to" paleo recipes? Any that you need to have at least once a week? Let me know!

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