Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Whole30 Day 11

Happy Wednesday everyone!!

I took a paid day off today (!!!) to spend more time with my Caveman Medic.  For breakfast, we snacked on some simple seared scallops (I was feeling lazy) and had an egg scrambler filled with southern greens, pastured eggs, green onion and shredded beef leftover from my bone broth.  We headed over to a fancy shmancy town to turn in Caveman Medic's firefighter application and scored some AMAZING deals at Goodwill.  Going to Goodwills in nicer towns lands you some really great merchandise and we purchased 6 articles of clothing for only $25.  It was later until we got home and we were FAMISHED so I threw together some "Princely Tuna Salad" with slices of Persian Cucumbers.  These cute little cukes are SUPER crunchy, sweet and seedless! 

While the hubs was busy snacking, I sliced some venison backstraps one of his co-workers sent over and salt/peppered it, and rubbed it with some dijon mustard. 

 I seared a piping hot skillet with ghee, and after a beautiful carmelization  was achieved, I let the meat rest on a plate while I added sliced shiitake mushrooms, Trader Joe's pre cut garlic, shallots and onion, and deglazed the pan with some red wine vinegar, beef bone broth, dijon mustard and MORE GHEE! I let it reduce a bit to thicken and ladled the delicious creamy goodness onto the rested meat. 

Folks, those of you who are already sheepish over cooking their meat rare or medium rare for fear of getting "mad deer disease" or something, take note that this meat is so lean that it will taste like sawdust and rubber that you find in the back of your minivan three months from now. DO NOT OVERCOOK.  115-120 degrees Fahrenheit is perfect, as there will be a carry-over temperature of about 8-10 degrees.  If you know where your meat comes from and is a reputable source, you have little to worry over contracting those rogue animalistic diseases that leave you wide eyed at night after a trip to Longhorn Steakhouse. 
Did I mention how AMAZING this dish tasted? I wish I could take the credit for these tasty morsels, but alas, I thumbed my way through "Paleo Comfort Foods" and am so happy with how delicious this is! You can substitute the venison for beef or bison or red meaty animal. It may even be good on chicken. (Everything goes good with chicken).

Yesterday, Caveman Medic and myself joined his sister at our local college rec center and grabbed fistfuls of iron and lifted heavy things.  I really like deadlifting with smaller metal plates rather than the larger bounce plates.  Plus, I figure for my short stature, I'm probably cheating a bit thinking that if I lift 175# with bounce plates, it isn't harder than lifting 145# with smaller metal plates. BELIEVE ME> It's definitely winding to lift the smaller metal plates, even if I didn't improve on my PR. After we owned our deadlifts, 8x3, we mosied over to the empty room and shoveled out some medicine ball slams.  I THINK I did 100 with a 15# but I took like 5 breaks and they were less than robust after I hit the last 10.  I was planning on doing some lunges but after the medicine ball slams, I was winded. I'm going to go solo tomorrow and though I'm not sure which workouts to do, I'm sure I'm going to feel it for the next couple of days. 

P.S- After reading today's post on Mark's Daily Apple, I feel better equipped to begin tackling the mighty pull up bar. RAWR! 

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