Thursday, April 5, 2012

Whole30 Day 5

Clearly I'm not on board with the consistent blogging I was hoping for, but give me a break cus I'm new to this "I want everyone to read my innermost foodie thoughts" ...and I kinda hacked off my little pinky a couple of days ago and it is not easy typing the far right end of my keyboard with a bandaged finger.

For breakfast this morning, I drank up some yummy beefy bone broth in a mug,

For lunch, after I was done cooking lunch for everyone else, I had some kale and carrots sauteed in garlic, shallots, pastured ghee and sprinkled with some salt and pepper and poached dover sole with lemon juice and salt and white pepper. YUMMY and so simple!

For dinner, the hubs and I grilled up some grass fed rib eye steaks

Nuked some broccoli and sauteed up some shallots, garlic and portabello mushrooms in pastured ghee and balsamic vinegar

Swigged it down with some deliciously cold water and topped it off with some juicy sweet cantaloupe

I LOVE Whole30!! (and steak. yum yum yum)

Workout tomorrow with the hubs :)

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  1. Can't wait to take some fun pics for the next post :D