Sunday, April 8, 2012

Whole30 Day 8

Happy Easter, all!

Today I hung out with my sister in law and we chowed down on some delish items.  I fell asleep last night around 9:30 (yes I know I'm old despite my spry 26 years on this earth) but woke up around 7:45, which gave me enough time to head to the early service at church.  The hubs works til 7pm tonight so I flew solo. Even though I should have had plenty of time to have a nice breakfast, I procrastinated and chowed down on some TJ's smoked sardines and sipped a cold french pressed coffee with coconut cream on my way to church.

When I got home, I threw the steaks on the counter to warm up, and per Nom Nom's instructions I liberally salted my steaks with himalayan pink salt and fresh cracked pepper and let them hang out for about an hour.
Does it look a tad dry to you? ME TOO! That's exactly how I want it.  The drier the surface of the steaks, the better sear and crust it will develop.  When my hubs gets home, he's going to throw these on the grill and we will have grilled brussels sprouts as a lovely side. Since I've been eating strawberries all day I'll forgo the dessert.  Maybe I'll have a spot of TJ's mint melange tea as a Whole30 approved appertif. 

Side note: I promise with more practice I'll become more adept at this charming blog. Stay with me, folks!

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